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No matter how good a live tree or an artificial, but without the Christmas decorations, it will not look festive.
For a complete holiday, the company UkrElka offers a toys for Christmas tree for your Christmas beauty.
    The top tree - the indispensable decoration of tall artificial Christmas trees. The company UkrElka offers ready top and the tops of your sketches.
    Large plastic Christmas decorations - a necessary attribute of a Christmas tree. Thanks to modern technology, plastic toys are not inferior to the beauty of glass toys, but are more durable and safe for others (in the case of a fall).
    Christmas garland - designed to produce light and color effects at night for decorating giant artificial Christmas trees.
Used both externally and in the rooms (moisture, temperature range during operation -45 ° C - 45 ° C).
The source of light in the LED garlands are light-emitting LEDs (LED), which can significantly reduce energy consumption and increase the life of the garlands to 100 000 hours (with proper maintenance and storage).
    The decorative fences  that we offer will bring the finished festive look to a fir-tree and also will protect the Christmas beauty from hooligans.
There can be pictures, congratulations or the advertizing information on the boards.          
The sizes and the image on boards can be made by customer’s sketches.

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