The Christmas tree is the main attribute of  Christmas holidays and festivals from ancient times. For many years of holiday existence apeared two types of the main fir-tree: a live fir-tree or artificial tree made of  metal construction with pine branches.
    Today it is difficult to imagine Christmas and New Year without an elegant Christmas tree which should be prepared for the Christmas holidays in advance. And first there is a need of going to the forest, where we choose the Christmas tree, cut it down, then remove or add branches, prepare a trunk for installation, bring it up to the  installation place. And all that is for the sake of 2-3 weeks untill the needles start to fall off with every whiff of  the wind.
    As the alternative, artificial Christmas trees are much more advantageous. Nowadays, the design decisions of our company  engineers give the choice of  an artificial Christmas tree from 3m. up to 120m.
    Artificial Christmas trees offered by the company UkrElka are easy for transporting  and for the mounting which needs  3 - 5 persons, thanks to rather small weight and a special design of an artificial Christmas tree. Artificial Christmas trees compared with  live  will please you and help to save money for years.
    Thanks to a metal design and polymeric materials – artificial fir-trees are steady and 100 % are similar to the live fir-trees at full fire safety (the material of artificial fir-trees is non-inflammable).
    Don’t forget that giant artificial Christmas trees allow to forget about the garbage, drying branches, recycling problems. The special design of giant artificial Christmas trees offered by our company make the storage of the Christmas tree simplier  that together with the life maintenance allow to save on the main Christmas attribute without spoiling  the holiday atmosphere from year to year.
    We guarantee that giant artificial Christmas trees will be steady at any changes of our unpredictable weather (only under condition of installation by our experts).
    If you desire you can buy also Christmas tree toys, a tinsel, Christmas tree tops, illumination and decorative fences for an giant artificial Christmas tree in our company.
    The outdoor artificial fir-tree offered by the company UkrElka is not a work of one welder, it is the result of engineers and designers cooperation. The high  artificial Christmas trees are designed with taking into consideration the weather, temperature and wind conditions  provided that our artificial Christmas trees won’t be dig into the ground or put on "extension".
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